Thursday, 21 May 2009

Our Planet has a brain !

These days I am trying out Google Gears with my Calendar, Reader for news and Mail …. and it has made me realize one thing. The Internet is the One Way which generations would continue to interact with each other. My tiny little HP2133 netbook forced me to learn Linux in a way which would never allow me to go back to Windows. But the Web should be utterly free, and so should be information transfer.

All this technology, I wonder... where is it leading us spiritually ? There are churches and cults on the Web, but more than that I think that the Web leads to free uninhibited thinking. Once thought flow is free, it leads us to a new dimension – that of global intelligence. Finally in Nature(1) I finally got a glimpse of how our Planet's brain looks.

This is a data-miner's view of how scientific information is used across the global networks. One single piece of thought as a paper or publication, as it makes its way across the networked intelligence. Strikingly similar to how our own neural networks work within our brain. Finally our planet has reached a level of evolutionary capacity to think on a global scale, as the neural hardware show evidence of thinking taking place. This 'map of knowledge' is a million brains, aided with computers, Linux, Mac or Windows... breathing , living and thinking.

Fellow Netizens, our time has come !

Reference :

(1) Web Usage Dataoutline map of knowledge.Nature Vol. 458, Pg. 135,March 2009.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Bloggozen Mandala

If the Buddha had a choice, I am certain he would have chosen Ubuntu Linux as his preferred digital environment. Apart from the open-source sharing and community spirit (the Sangha), the whole idea of not ripping off your fellow men and women by selling etheral, virtual environments which crash all the time seems profoundly illuminating (the Dharma). After all, computers are nothing but a few electrons swirling around a lump of metal with silicon and other similar things, and they lack real existence.

But if we viewed computers as the extension of our brains, the Linux bash shells and commands have a sort of ingrained simplicity and truthfulness about it. But more importantly, it takes us away from a false click and drag environment, closer to the core of the digital circuits with its swiftness, lack of sophistication and 'undo'-ability. You cannot restore your linux system as you cannot go back in time.

Teachings of the Buddha at

In March 2009 I was bowled over by this site where the alpha-version of the teachings of the Buddha were freely available. Thankfully there was a Linux version as well in the spirit of true Buddhism. In this current environment of agnosticism and technological revolution, the comeback of Buddha on the digital domain is fittingly appropriate.

Until next time, Peace be with you !